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Our Number One Priority

Patient Care

Patient care is our number one priority at Hayes prosthetics. People who come to Hayes Prosthetics are not rushed; we spend a lot of time talking to resolve prosthetic and personal feelings about being an amputee. When a person loses a limb, it can be devastating, but knowing that they can lean on David Hayes helps them cope. Patients often state that they always feel better after talking to him. From a very early age, Hayes always felt the need to help people. He loves what he does. He has had grown men cry when he told them they are going to have emotions that they have never thought even existed. He told them that they would get angry, cry, laugh, throw the prosthesis across the room…and maybe even get mad at Hayes. David Hayes wants all amputees to know “It’s normal to have these feelings but I’m here for you.” Patient care is the most important aspect of Hayes Prosthetics.


At Hayes Prosthetics we abide by the Patient Bill of Rights responsibilities. We are sure to inform our patients of all their many options, speak with them about their needs, and help them to make sure that they are getting fair and honest care. Not only do we build prosthetics at Hayes, but we also build a relationship with our patients, and more importantly we build confidence.
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When you see me, David Hayes, I personally take your prosthetic fabrication from start to finish, which means not only do I fit you, I do all my own fabrication with a very personal touch for each individual.