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Hayes Prosthetics Testimonials

Many patients of Hayes Prosthetics have offered true and honest testimonials regarding how Hayes Prosthetics has changed their life for the better. We know it is not always easy to talk about difficult times. Hayes is extremely thankful for all of thier patients offering such kind and touching stories.

Jim Fiorentino

Jim, a true American Veteran, found Hayes Prosthetics in 1974. Jim was a young man when he became an amputee. He lived an extremely active lifestyle and loved to play soccer. When Jim got a prosthetic leg he used to travel all the way to Boston, MA for his appointments. This means even when he needed a simple adjustment he had to drive miles to the city. One day when all he wanted was a simple adjustment, he went through the old yellow phone book and found Hayes Prosthetics. He was thrilled when he realized it was located right in his back yard. Jim decided to give them a call to try out a local Western, Mass prosthetic facility.

Now Jim says “I will be at Hayes for life, I found someone I trust right in my backyard. When I met David Hayes, the first thing he said to me was “how can I help YOU.” He wasn’t concerned with the materialistic stuff… he made me feel at ease. David created something that matches my personality and my lifestyle, I can still coach soccer! I didn’t have to settle for anything. At Hayes they take pride in their work. Dave hand makes prosthetics, he makes them the old school way and the NEW school, high- tech way. Needless to say, when I got my prosthesis from David Hayes it was like I entered a whole new world.”

Susan L. O’Connor

Suffered with pain with her original prosthetic for two whole years.

Sue’s past experience was not positive. She felt like her old prosthetist did not listen to her needs. When she awoke in the hospital as an amputee she was never given options about different companies for a prosthesis. She simply was given one. She really didn’t know she had options. Her experience out of the hospital was a very cold experience; until she met a complete stranger who saw her struggling in Ocean State Job Lot. This man told her to head to West Springfield, MA to see David Hayes… and that’s just what Sue did. Sue states that when she walked into the office she was captivated by all of the literature on the front desk. There were brochures and pamphlets that had information on prosthetics; there were references of people she could talk to. It took one quick appointment for David to figure out what was causing her so much pain. A few short days after one adjustment, Sue was walking at The Big E with her family. She was ecstatic.

Sue says “I want others to have what I have, a sense of security, in the past I felt like I had to figure it out myself, it was so hard. David spoke to me like he knew me and he explained everything. In the past, I was walking staring at the ground… not anymore. Now I walk with confidence. I can confidently say that David Hayes is not only a great prosthetist but a true friend. David gave me a better feeling about what was going on in my life, and I am extremely grateful to have found him.” Today Sue is painting, gardening, climbing a ladder and simply living her best life!

When you see me, David Hayes, I personally take your prosthetic fabrication from start to finish, which means not only do I fit you, I do all my own fabrication with a very personal touch for each individual.